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NameMain RoleContact No.
Dorothy Bailey-Annesley(DC*) (Minimus)(087)3544722
Fleur Creed(DC*)(Eventing)(087)3705743
Will Kearney(086)1604802
Lisa Dunne(Treasurer)(086)8724413
Olivia Fitzgerald(Club Administrator)(089)4418009
Marie McDonald(Club Secretary)(086)8247419
Susan Carey(Child Welfare Officer)(087)6244913
Lisa McBride(Dressage/Flatwork)(086)3008858
Sheila James(Young Riders/Tetrathalon)(086)8308518
Cathy Carton(Hunter Trials)(086)3895535
Norman Spencer(Cross Country)(086)6072341
Brian Dowley(1st Aid)(087)8524657
Finola Byrne(Shop and PR)(087)6907451
Morgan O’Connor(Young Riders)(087)9194876
Island Hunt Pony Club Phone(086)3544722
*DC = District Commissioner

WhatsApp Groups

Parents will be added to the relevant WhatsApp Groups (as needed) in order to facilitate the timely communication of information.