Show Jumping Results

Well done to all who attended the team qualifiers. Here are the results of the 3 team qualifiers held in June. The best two scores were calculated to achieve the result. Great news we have 7 teams for the qualifiers. Please confirm if you are competing or not by text to the PC Phone asap. Those who attend the qualifier on July 12th must be available for the Finals at the PC festival. Also last rally Monday night at Barnadown, entries on itsplainsailing. Also please enter individually for the qualifier on our website by Wednesday evening July 10th, Help would be appreciated also on the day if this is going to be a success for the children, thank you.

In addition to Festival team qualifiers, A Showjumping Classic qualifier is being held by Carlow Hunt Branch on Wednesday 10th July, open to all Clubs, the Showjumping Classic competition will be held on the 9th September at Coilog. More details as follows entries on the day Click here for details

Guidance on the Points allocation for Festival qualifier according to the Rules

5Clear First phase
4Clear 2nd phase
201st place
182nd place
163rd place
144th place
125th place
106th place
87th place
68th place

Show Jumping Training will take place in 2019 at working rallies and we will hold qualifiers in June in order to select teams.

Key Dates: The area qualifer this year is being hosted by ourselves and takes place on July 12th at Barnadown, Gorey by kind permission of Felicity and Maurice Cousins. The final is at the Pony Club Festival which takes place at Barnadown on 25th – 27th July.

We are delighted to have the following coaches for 2019 : Siun Stafford – John Leddingham, Michael Byrne – Robbie Bailey and Andrew Byrne – Alice Mernagh

Training will be on Monday eve’s May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, June 10th & July 8th at Barnadown. Entries open April 28th.

Qualifiers will be held in order to select teams and will be held on the following dates June 3rd, 17th, 24th. Training will also be provided.

Rules for selections of teams at qualifiers are as follows:

  • Riders must attend at least 3 rallies/lessons out of the 6.
  • We will run 3 show jumping trials, not necessarily at the same venue, both rider and pony must compete in at least 1 trial to be eligible for team selection.
  • If a rider chooses to compete in all 3 qualifiers, the best 2 results from the 3 qualifiers will be counted for ranking and team selection.
  • The trial competitions will be run as a two phase competition (with a time allowed), those who have a double clear will be invited back in for a jump-off round. (If time allows, those who did not have a double clear may be allowed back in to jump a third round but this will not be for a placing).
  • Points will be allocated as follows: Attendance – 3 points, Clear first phase – 5 points, Clear second phase – 4 points. Additional points will be allocated as follows: 20 points for 1st place, 18 points for 2nd place, 16 points for 3rd place, 14 points for 4th place, 12 points for 5th place, 10 points for 6th place, 8 points for 7th place, and 6 points for 8th place.  In the event that less than 8 competitors get into the jump off, the remaining places will be decided by the fastest time of the second rounds from those who were clear in the first round.

Where there are competitors on equal points the “Golden Goal Rule” applies i.e.; results from the first qualifier will differentiate the placing between competitors on equal points.

  • Riders will be ranked at the end of the 3 trials and ordered into descending teams of 4 down the league table. The last team may be made up of 3 riders should no more competitors be on the table. Otherwise remaining riders will be reserves.
  • For the remaining lower places where we have a number of competitors on equal points after using the “Golden Goal Rule” a draw will take place to fill the teams.
  • If a rider is riding 2 ponies, their first pony jumped will be deemed as the nominated pony for the qualifiers.
  • The Ground Committee on the day will make all decisions and their decision is final.
  • An appeal must be lodged in writing with a €25 refundable deposit (if appeal upheld) within 30 minutes of the final result declared.

The results of the appeal will be released within 48 hours.

  • Once team selection is made, parents must confirm with the event co-ordinator via text message, that they are available to attend the area qualifier and championship competition.
  • The team coach of the team will decide at the regional qualifier and championship which two riders will compete in the jump off if required to do so.

In the event of riders not being able to compete or their pony gets injured the following rules will apply:

  1. If the rider/pony drop out before the area qualifier commences, all competitors move up a place, all competitors move up a place and if the rider has an alternative pony they move down.
  2. If the rider/pony drops out from a qualified team after the area qualifier but before the entries are made to the IPC, then all competitors move up a place, (Where more than 1 team qualifies for the festival, the teams are ranked in accordance with their placing at the regional qualifier).and if the rider has an alternative pony they move down
  3. If the rider/pony drops out after entries are made to the festival, the teams are locked and the highest ranked competitor from the Island PC trials who jumped at the qualifier gets called up onto the team impacted. 

The Show Jumping events as follows: Junior Show Jumping (Robbie Bailey) Intermediate Show Jumping (John Ledingham) Members Show Jumping Senior Individual Each Area of the IPC runs an Area Qualifier to decide which branches will represent their Area at the championships. The top teams placed will go on to compete at the Championships.

Rules for IPC showjumping

Tack Sheets

U12, Alice Mernagh

This is a competition for members over 8 and under 12 on the 1st of January of the current year. All competitors must be of D+ test Standard. All Ponies and horses are eligible if they are currently or have been in the previous year jumping with SJI at 90cm and under. Maximum height is 80cm.

Robbie Bailey

This is a competition for a team of four competitors under the age of 14 on the 1st of January of the current year. All competitors must be of “C” test standard or hold their “C” test. All Ponies and horses are eligible if they are currently or have been in the previous year jumping with SJI at 1m and under. Maximum height is 90cm. A Minimum of 8 fences will be used on the first round which will include a double. There must be a change of course for the second round which will have a double and a combination.

John Leddingham

This is a team competition for riders under the age of 21 on the 1st of January of the current year.Horses currently or in the previous year jumping at 1.10m or less with the SJI are eligible. A pony jumping at 1.10m is eligible provided it has not qualified for the RDS in the current year and has not represented Ireland with the SJI abroad. Maximum fence height is 1m

Senior Team

The Senior Show Jumping Team is for a team of four riders who are over 12 years old and under 21 on the first of January of the current year. All competitors must have passed their “C” test. The winning team in this competition is eligible to compete at the UK Pony Club Championships. Horses which are currently jumping at 1.20m and under are eligible. All ponies are eligible.

More info on Showjumping Events from the Irish Pony Club