Minimus & Tethrathlon


The Minimus is a triathlon competition consisting of three disciplines – swimming, running and riding. Points are awarded for the results in each phase and the winner has the most points after the three phases.

Tetrathlon is a challenging four phase competition requiring practical horsemanship and general athletic ability involving running, riding, swimming and shooting. 
• Running phase: The senior boys run over a 3,000 metre course while senior girls and all juniors run over a 1,500 metre course and each competitor’s time is measured. 
• Swimming phase: The senior boys swim for 4 minutes, senior girls and juniors swim for 3 minutes. 
• Shooting Phase: Senior boys and girls shoot using an air pistol of .177 calibre at 10m. air pistol targets from the standing position. The best three individual scores are calculated to arrive at a team score

Minimus Dates

Team Selection Process

Tetrathlon Dates

Swimming –


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More Information on each activity below…

Minimus – 

Cross Country                           80cm
Swimming                                 2 Mins
Running                                     1000mtrs

Tethrathlon Junior –

Cross Country                             90cm
Swimming                                    3mins
Running                                        1500mtrs
Shooting                                       Target

Tethrathlon Senior – Girls

Cross Country                             1.05m
Swimming                                   3 Mins
Running                                        1500 mtrs
Shooting                                       Target

Tethrathlon Senior – Boys

Cross Country                             1.05m
Swimming                                   4 Mins
Running                                        3000 mtrs
Shooting                                       Target