Dressage Times

Times and groups for April 19th location Barnadown.

6pm: April O’Connor, Angelica McGee, Cora Quigley, Hannah Willis, Ava Dowley

7pm: Rebecca Doyle, Millie McBride, Lauren Spencer, Tegan Veitch, Emma Warren

In preparation for the National Dressage Championships on May 4th at Spruce Lodge, we have organised Dressage training with Victoria Scully.

Training will be on Friday evenings at Barnadown (location may vary for one or two dates, due to 3 day shows) start on March 29th on every Friday until May 3rd. Lessons can be booked in batches of 2. €20 each/€40. If you book all 6 lessons upfront, you will pay for 5 and get 1 Free !!. €100 Go to entries to book. Entries close 27th for the first lessons.

Victoria will be there on the day to coach those who attended the training, team selection has recently changed and will now be random on the day by the IPC based on individuals performances.