General Data Protection Rules.

We need to adjust the way we communicate with groups to comply with the General Data Protection Rules. To this end we will be doing the following:
1. Remove  any existing whats app groups.
2. Instead use whatsapp broadcasts. Broadcasts are similar to groups but allow you to send messages but receipients can’t see each others phone numbers and can’t reply to the group. Any reply is seen only by the admin for the broadcast group.
3. If a member of the group replies with a comment that is relevant to all members in the group then the admin of the group should post it to all members.
4. If one member requires the phone number of another member then the 2nd member must agree to share his/her phone number with the requesting member.
5. The name of the broadcast should represent the purpose of the group e.g u10 pony games
6. Anyone wishing to be removed from the group has the right to request removal and should be removed immediately. This should also be noted in an initial message.
7. The purpose of the broadcast group should be stated when the group is initially set up , e.g in the 1st broadcast, e.g for organizing all events and delivering information relevant to u10 games training. Only information relevant to the the purpose of the group should be posted on the group. e.g should not post details of special offer in supervalu this weekend 🙂

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