Barnadown Rallies 14/6/18

6:30pm Laura Seery Sand 2

Ava Doyle

Emma Poole

Holly Spencer

Jemma Earle

7:30pm Laura Seery Sand 2

John Aspel James

Joe Dunne

Ross Warren

Rose O’Connor

6:00pm Michael Byrne Main Arena

Tegan Veitch

Libby Sinnott

Beibhinn O’Brien

Jessica Phelan

Sarah Whelan

7:00pm Michael Byrne Main Arena

Nia Devereux

Naomi Devereux

April Haxby

Cora Quigley

Grace Byrne

8:00pm Michael Byrne Main Arena

Craig Chamney

Maria Dunne

Laura Bailey

Emma Carton

Martha Dunne

6:00pm Siún Stafford Sand 2

Emma Rose Casey

Rachel Doyle

Susan O’Brien

Noel Aspel James

Alexandra Cassidy

7:00pm Siún Stafford Sand 2

Emma Warren

Angelica McGee

Lauren Spencer

8:00pm Siún Stafford Sand 2

Angelica McGee

Rebecca Doyle

Matthew Kelly

Eimear ní Chinnéide

6:30pm Edwina O’Connor Warm up by Sand 2

Alison Dunne

Cathy Quigley

Tabatha McGee

April O’Connor

Megan Atkinson

Ciara O’Neill

7:30pm Edwina O’Connor Warm up by Sand 2

Clodagh O’Sullivan

Jamie Kinsella

Hugh O’Loughlin

Brooke Carey

Shannon O’Connor




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