Results from yesterday’s hunter trials in Belmont Demesne.

Pony Pairs:
1st – Anna McDonald
Aleona Francis

2nd – Amelia Moore
Karla Byrne

3rd – Grace O’Donoghoe
Alisha Vard

4th – Julia Coleman
Natalie Keckers

5th – Emma Carton
Kerri McDonald

6th – Aidan Kavanagh
Isobel Byrne

Pony Singles:
1st – Natalie Keckers

2nd – Alesha Vard

3rd – Anna McDonald

4th – Grace O’Donoghoe

5th – Adam Kavanagh

6th – Freddy Kelly

Pre-Novice Pairs:
Joint 1st – Laoighse De Burca
Seodhna De Burca

Joint 1st – David O’Donnell
Cora O’Donnell

2nd – Ellen Kavanagh
Grace Kavanagh

3rd – Saoirse Watson
Alysha Kelly

4th – Rebecca Vard
Stephen Vard

5th – Fergus Turner
Margaret Turner

6th – Fintan Wheeler
Aoife Wheeler

Pre-Novice Singles:
1st – Margaret Turner

2nd – Kerri McDonald

3rd – Ava Chamley

4th – Rebecca Vard

5th – Genevieve Kelly

6th – Rebecca Andrews

Novice Pairs:
1st – Christine Keymer
Alicia Devlin-Byrne

2nd – Cliodhna Brennan
Eleanor Short

3rd – Beibhinn O’Brien
Martha Dunne

4th – Sarah McNally
Ciara O’Sullivan

5th – Doran O’Toole
Joy Bennett

6th – Delphy McWhite
Robin Mackey

Novice Singles:
1st – David Francis

2nd – Emer McMullan

3rd – Natalie Keckers

4th – Emma Carton

5th – Emma Babos

6th – Clodie Clen

Open Singles:
1st – Alicia Devlin-Byrne

2nd – Dave Bennett

3rd – Doran O’Toole

4th – Christine Keymer

5th – Ellie Murphy

6th – Patrick Cullen

Open Pairs:
1st – Christine Keymer
Alicia Devlin-Byrne

2nd – Shawna Waters
Claire Kenny

3rd – Ellie Murphy
Sarah Dunne

Congratulations to all!

We would like to thank all those who helped to make today such a hugely enjoyable and successful day. A special thank you to the Brabazon family – Dilly, Celia, Chloe and Hon. David – for the use of their beautiful venue and their help over the past few weeks, to Ray Doyle for his boundless energy and advice, and for almost single-handedly running the show today, to Sue O’Doherty for stepping in as our on-course vet at the last minute, to Eleanor Montague and Michael Doyle for their incredible patience and persistence in deciphering the scoring sheets and to all the fence judges, parking attendants, starters, announcers, score collectors… just everyone, thank you!

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